L.F. S.r.l. has been producing products of every kind, shape and size in iron, aluminium and stainless steel for more than 15 years, with care and a fanatical attention to every detail. The company monitors the entire production process of every product, all the work being in fact designed, built and assembled internally.

What we do

Our range extends from warehouses to tensile structures, from car parks to canopies, from bridges to pipelines, from photovoltaic support structures to metal architectural products such as fencing, stairs and frames (as well as interior furnishings etc).

L.F. doesn’t only deal with the structural part of the work. They will also, if required, take over the management of all stages of the construction: from the foundations to flooring; from roofing to frames; right up to the installation, offering a turnkey service.


We offer an apposite internal design service, using 2D and 3D modelling software, providing an efficient service.
This phase is very important because by providing the customer with a well-defined image of the product it allows an idea to be translated into a concrete project.


We use ISO 3834 certified welding processes
and ISO 1090 CE marking.
In an extremely competitive market, certification of the System is now, more than ever, an indispensable requirement. It also differentiates us from our unqualified competition.


We are organised and equipped to carry out every kind of job on site so as to provide a 360-degree service.
Thanks to the experience we have gained over time from the various projects we have carried out, we can today provide customers with a team of highly qualified staff, capable of installing structures of any shape and size and always meeting agreed delivery times. Our employees always attend training courses in workplace safety and in safe lifting methods, and for the various licenses required for handling aerial platforms.

L.F. S.r.l. carries out third-party installations as well as its own installations, specialising in the field of industrial installations and tensile structures, throughout Italy and all over the world.


Our staff have acquired extensive experience in every branch of this sector, both in terms of workshop production and in on-site installations.
Every worker has been suitably trained for any eventuality. They are equipped with certificates for welding, have completed all the work safety courses and have licenses for driving forklift trucks and aerial platforms.


L.F. S.r.l. has a production site of 1,300 square metres. This allows us to work optimally at all times, whether we are working on small structures or on large items such as bridges and warehouses.
The space also allows us to pre-assemble any structure and ensures that even the most complicated of structures (as regards manufacturing) reaches the customer error-free.


Via Sardegna, 1
60022 Castelfidardo (AN)
Tel/Fax 0717211098


We use ISO 3834 certified welding processes and ISO 1090 CE marking.


Do you have a project in mind which involves iron, aluminium or stainless steel? Give us a clear idea of your project and ask us for a free, no-obligation quotation.
We can fearlessly deal with projects of any size.